In this guidance the individual is referred to as Player/Club official or Spectator

  1. Individual is notified by NHS that they have tested positive.
  2. Individual informs Sir Tom Finney FC via contacting the team manager. 
  3. The team manager will contact the Club Covid Officer. The Individual with being tested positive awaits contact from the NHS Track and Trace. 
  4. The individual is informed to provide the NHS Track and Trace staff with the Sir Tom Finney FC Club Covid Officer contact details below: 

(Imran Member:  M:07930346665).  

  • The individual must inform the NHS Track and Trace staff with details of where they have been/who they have been in contact with etc. The individual must not communicate the fact any further.
  • The manager must provide the Club Covid Officer with the Track and Trace Register for any game/training session involved. 
  • The Club Covid Officer informs the League of situation to postpone any games that may be affected. The Club Covid office will not communicate the fact any further.
  • NHS Track and Trace staff contact Club Covid Officer for details and contacts of all club linked and involved individuals.
  • NHS Track and Trace staff then contact all involved and make decisions on action to be taken by them i.e. self-isolation.
  • The Individual must inform the outcome of the NHS Track and Trace decision to the team manager if they have been advised by NHS Track and Trace to self-isolate.

Peter Mason

Chair of Sir Tom Finney Football Club

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